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As I write this, we’re finally on the road to Harrisonburg where we’ll sleep tonight surrounded by boxes, but in our own beds, in our new home.

It’s been a long weekend of packing, packing, more packing, loading, unloading, rearranging and more than 6 hours on 64 and 81. We were surrounded by good, kind, strong friends and family who did all the heavy lifting and lugging.* The whole process went so smoothly. We had great weather**and we worked quickly. It took us 3 hours to load the truck, in what may have been the most securely and well-packed truck in recent memory. It was like 3D Tetris and my dad, Matt Purdy and me were all playing at the Expert level. It took one hour to unload the truck with the help of several friends, one of whom would grab something (heavy) off the truck and then run as fast as he could ton the room it was going to and then run right back out to the truck for more. Intense!

Ooh. We jut got flicked off on 64 by an old guy in a gold Oldsmobile. We’ll assume he’s from Richmond and not the Valley.

We came back after setting up Abby’s room on Saturday night to spend the night with A at my parents’ house, go to our church one last time (sniff!), do a walkthrough at our old place with our landlord and then a dim sum lunch with my parents before hitting the road. Abby didn’t make it to Manakin-Sabot before she fell soundly asleep. When she wakes up we’ll be at our new house.

*And I mean ALL of it. Taylor threw out his back early last week. I got a call on Tuesday (my last day at UR) and heard, “I’m on the floor. My back went out.”A visit to the chiropractor on Thursday got him walking upright again, but not enough so he could pick up any of the book boxes I packed!

**Low 80s and overcast and the drizzle held off until we’d unloaded the truck.


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