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The packing is slow-going these days. Between trying to wrap up work (10 workdays left!), spending time with friends and trying to maintain some level of sanity and also sleeping every now and then, not a whole lot is getting done. But we’ve made some headway and expect that the real packing will start once we’re back from the Chan Family Beach Vacation. That’s also when we plan to break the news to Abby B and try to explain what moving means.

In the meantime, I wish someone would explain it to me! I can’t picture what our days will look like when I’m staying at home with her in Harrisonburg. How will we schedule our day? What will be the rhythm of our weeks? Will there be a rhythm or will it look like the generally mashed up chaos of our life here in Richmond (which is more free improvisation these days than a straight 4/4 beat)? Should I start planning around library story times? Part of me wants to put together a weekly calendar of what chores and errands get done on what day — too much and just a setup for failure, or practical and a helpful tool for accomplishing our tasks? People keep telling me that I’ll make mom-friends with Abby and I hope I will, but what about non-mom-friends? I’d like some of those too, please! And will it kind of be like life with a newborn where Taylor will be around for the first week or so to help us figure it all out, but then we’ll be left to our own devices most of the day and will have to figure out how to do it all on my (our) own? Will I remember how to cook? Will my running list of craft projects last us the first full week? Will I get lost going to the grocery store every time? Will our hero ever stop asking questions?

Transition is hard, folks. It’s best not to worry and just keep swimming.

As Abby likes to sing these days: “I may not know the way I go, but oh, I know my Guide!”

*Abby sings hymns, Momma sings The Cranberries. We make it work.


In less than a month, the Chan/Barnett family will be packing up and moving out of Richmond. We’re not going far, just 2 hours west to Harrisonburg. But I am quitting my job, Taylor’s starting a doctorate program at JMU in music, and I am going to stay at home and raise Abby.

There’s a lot to say about all of this: how we came to this point, how we feel about the move, the logistics of moving, my excitement and minor terror at spending alldayeveryday with my adorable, sweet, stubborn and talkative toddler, and how I am going to have to learn how to cook again (Taylor cooks everything! The last time I made dinner was in January!). But there’ll be time to blog about all of that (you know, between my “stories” and my bonbon-eating).

Things are going to change around here (I’ll post, for one thing) and I hope you’ll stick around to check it out.

Here’s what I’m holding on to right now: God is good and He’s got us. We are provided for. Abundantly.

Feel free to remind me of that!

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