Have I mentioned that this child has a fondness for microwaves?

A few months ago, we noticed that she got really excited anytime we used the microwave.  She’d squeak and squawk and kick her legs like she’d never seen something so exciting.

Since then, she’s been in love with any microwave she’s come across.  Her little body perks up at the thrilling sound of its ‘”beep!” and she just can’t get enough of the whirring, the plate spinning and the lights.

She loves them in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter whose kitchen it is.  She even found the one (that wasn’t being used at the time) that’s in my office way up high on a file cabinet — entirely out of context.

I found a toy microwave online for $7 just before Christmas and couldn’t resist buying it for her.  Even though we haven’t taken it out of the package yet (we’re rationing toys out after the giant Christmas harvest), she loves to look at the box and press the buttons.

We’re trying to teach her to say “microwave,” because, really, how cute would it be to have a kid who can say momma, daddy, book, duck and microwave?